Down Payment Assistance Programs and Grants


Borrowers may choose between four grant amounts (2%, 3%, 4%, or 5%).

Rates are subject to market conditions. Please contact our office for the program’s current rate. Max lock rate is 15 days.

To qualify you must:

  • Meet the income and home purchase price limits
  • Meet standard mortgage underwriting requirements showing credit worthiness
  • Occupy the purchased home as your primary residence
  • Available to first-time home buyers, existing, or previous homeowners
  • FHA, USDA, VA, and Conventional Loans
  • Grant amount is based on the total loan amount, is non-repayable and can be used for down payment and closing cost assistance
  • Homebuyer education required for all borrowers and coborrowers
  • Available in the entire state but not within the city limits of Grand Prairie, McKinney or El Paso or in the counties of Jefferson and Travis

Down Payment Assistance Programs

These programs come and go depending on availability. The state, cities and counties fund and approve some of these programs, and they can run out of money from time to time. Normally, a new allocation for funds is approved until that is all used up.

  • First-time home buyers.
  • Some programs allow repeat buyers who are not buying their first home.
  • Some of these loans have income restrictions.

Please ask me about the grants and bond programs that are now available if you are interested.

Learn more about down payment assistance. Watch my Down Payment Assistance video.

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